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Okay... basically this is ArchCursorBlue, originally created by bavardage here:( )

Obviously this is a COLOR suite of that cursor, but you also get other sizes :)

This bundle has 32px versions and 26px versions...

I am able to make it smaller if anyone wants it more mini :)

As long as this project keeps my interest, you might see more colors and smaller sizes.

COMMENTS are WELCOME -- Please leave me your thoughts.

++---- Installation ----++ the same an most X11 themes...

In Terminal...
1. cd /path/with/file
2. tar xvf ArchCursorColorSuite.tar.gz
3. sudo cp -Rp ./ArchCursorBlue-26px /usr/share/icons/
4. Edit ~/.Xdefaults ... add this line: Xcursor.theme: ArchCursorBlue-26px

The next time X starts an app, it should be seen... or you will see the change after reboot.

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