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Flat Icon Splash Screens for Gimp 2.10

Gimp Splashes by migf1
[url=][b]Homepage[/b][/url] (on DeviantArt) These splash screens have been made to visually match my [url=]Clearlooks Gimp 2.10 Color Hinted Themes[/url]. If you don't...
addon gimp splash flat icon screen
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Jul 11 2020

PaintShop Pro 2020 Shortcuts for Gimp 2.10.20

Gimp Themes by migf1
[url=][b]Homepage[/b][/url] (on DeviantArt) [i](if you are looking for Photoshop shortcuts, check out my [url=]Photoshop 2018+ Bindings for Gimp...
gimp paintshop pro keyboard shortcuts addon
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Jul 09 2020

GIMP2Ps - improve it - pimp the GIMP

Gimp Themes by Markospoko
Oh yes!, can you guess/believe what that is? GIMP2Ps transforms GIMP app into a more Ps like looking app including keyboard shortcuts that many are accustomed to and rely on recognising instantly to get things done =) Maybe you have been say dreamy about that other commercial gfx app or have...
ps photoshop gimp2ps gimp ui addon
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Jul 08 2020

Photoshop 2018 Bindings for Gimp 2.10.20

Gimp Themes by migf1
[url=][b]Homepage[/b][/url] (on DeviantArt) [i](you may also want to check out my Corel [url=]PaintShop Pro 2020 Shortcuts for Gimp 2.10.20[/url])[/i] Switching...
addon gimp photoshop shortcuts keyboard bindings
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Jul 02 2020

Clearlooks Gimp 2.10 Color Hinted Themes [Updated]

Gimp Themes by migf1
[url=][b]Homepage[/b][/url] (on DeviantArt) [u][b]Update: 11-July-2020[/b][/u] Visually matching splash-screens for these themes, as a [url=]separate download[/url]. [u][b]Update: 9-July-2020 (v1.2.1)[/b][/u] Thanks to the...
clearlooks gimp skins theme hinted addon
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Jun 25 2020

Beauties of Kazakhstan 2015

Aisleriot by Laszcz
Copy .svgz to /usr/share/aisleriot/cards Copy .svg to /usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-hearts/cards
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Jun 16 2020

GameDev palettes with DB16/32 Famicom GameBoy and Pico8

Gimp Palettes by DansLeRuSH
Color palettes for indie gamedevs maybe : - DawnBringer's 16 (used in TIC-80) - DawnBringer's 32 - Famicom - GameBoy - Pico-8 Please have a look to the screenshots ! :) GNU/Linux : Copy the one you want in /home/YourUserName/.config/GIMP/2.10/palettes macOS : Copy the one you...
colors gimp palette palettes gamedev addon
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Jun 08 2020

Gimp Splash Screen 2.10

Gimp Splashes by diegoduarte
Customize Splash-Screen When you start GIMP, you see the splash-screen displaying short status messages while the program is loading all its components. Installing Copy (/home/user_name/.config/GIMP/2.10/splashes If you don't have the "splashes" folder just create and copy the file you...
gimp addon
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May 04 2020

Gimp splash screen 2.10

Gimp Splashes by Dodgers123
Splash screen for Gimp 2.10. Idea came from seeing the original by Gericom called elementary gimp. This one is made by me from the ground up. I wanted to give it a little more color, update the version no. and the image has twice the size. If it infringes on his intellectual property I will...
addon gimp splash screen wilber
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Apr 17 2020

Add Right-Click Context Menu to Open New Files and Documents

Nautilus Scripts by angelad
Easy and light script to automate adding a context menu to Nautilus / Gnome Files to create a new document. ** Built in GNOME nautilus 3.22.3; not tested in other versions. ** Likely will not work in 3.26 as Nautilus is removing desktop icons. If you use Debian/Ubuntu-based distros (and...
addon nautilus
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Jan 30 2020