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Colorful Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by aditya1122006
Colorful Plymouth Theme(display colorful rings forming a tunnel) Official Page Link [Without Installer File] How To Install Download & Extract ZIP File [Colorful Plymouth] Open terminal...
unix bootscreen linux splashscreen plymouth
Sep 02 2021

MacOS Monterey inspired grub theme

GRUB Themes by sandesh
Description: Macos monterey inspired grub theme Installation: - extract the theme - cd into the theme folder - execute script as root (sudo ./ Disclaimer: This theme does not work with ZFS filesystem
unix bigsur grub grub-theme grub2 burg bootscreen linux monterey splashscreen
Aug 20 2021

Sleek GrubBootloader themes [That greets you with your name]

GRUB Themes by sandesh
"Sleek themes for those who love Simplicity and Minimalism" Here I present you the "Sleek Grub-Bootloader Themes", Minimal, Modern looking and beautiful themes for your grub bootloader with different color options light, orange, bigSur and ....... yeah of Course 'Dark theme'. What if you can...
linux splashscreen grub grub-theme grub2 bigsur bootloader bootscreen burg unix
Aug 20 2021

DedSec GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by ghost-black
DedSec GRUB Theme was created, inspired by the fictional hacker group DedSec from Watch Dogs video game developed by Ubisoft. For installation instruction please check out the github link. Project repository ( Github ) : Also, if you have any...
burg bootscreen bootsplash grub grub-theme grub2 gnome unix linux splashscreen
Aug 20 2021

Linux of the Future Ani-01 Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Markospoko
Linux of the Future Ani-01 plymouth theme is a forward thinking boot theme focused on Linux OS with nice loading animation, it's not formidable but aims to affirm the trustworthiness and reliability of Linux =) This theme can be obtained from my Gumroad store site (it's a good one): Linux of...
unix system plymouth linux loading splashscreen bootscreen bootsplash
Aug 16 2021

Argon GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by dragon8oy
A simple and minimal GRUB Theme Installation instructions are in the README :) Check out my other projects: - Argon Icon Theme: - Alphabetical App Grid GNOME Extension: - Remove App Menu GNOME Extension:...
burg bootscreen grub grub-theme grub2 unix linux minimal splashscreen
Aug 10 2021

Xenlism Grub Theme

GRUB Themes by exenatt
Xenlism Grub Theme fork form Grub-theme-vimix Ubuntu Style Debian Style Arch Linux Manjaro Linux Fedora Linux NixOs Linux Kali Linux Mint Linux Gentoo Linux PopOs If you have a problem with install script. unpack tar.xz open unpack folder. you will see the...
unix ubuntu linux kali splashscreen burg bootscreen archlinux grub grub-theme
Aug 10 2021

Abstract-Ring-Alt Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by aditya1122006
Abstract-Ring-Alt Plymouth Theme Official Page Link [Without Installer File] How To Install Download & Extract ZIP File Open terminal where you have Extracted The file Run Command sudo...
bootscreen unix plymouth splashscreen linux
Aug 06 2021

GRUB2 Deadpool Theme

GRUB Themes by satyakami
Deadpool Theme For Grub2. Debian, Ubuntu, Solus, Arch, Manjaro, Gentoo, CentOs, Fedora, OpenSUSE Etc Supported Method 1: Install Using grub-customizer Method 2: Visit Github For Instructions
burg deadpool bootscreen grub grub-theme grub2 linux splashscreen unix
Aug 08 2021

Retro Grub

GRUB Themes by deck451
Retro grub GRUB theme for Linux Operating Systems: Only tested under Ubuntu 20.04. Below installation instructions are valid at least for Ubuntu 20.04 and should be adapted to your own OS, if using a different OS. Compatible monitor/screen resolution(s): 1920x1080 Installation copy entire...
unix ubuntu synthwave bootscreen burg gnome grub retro linux splashscreen
Aug 04 2021