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OS Catalina

Icon Themes by zayronXIO
CT" and find the best imitation of macos catalina. in this new version all elements in png format have been
mojave catalina mac apple linux unix icon-theme
Score 85.6%
Oct 15 2019

Mc-OS CTLina-Mint

GTK3 Themes by paulxfce
[B]Open image in new tab, and enlarge, to get a full preview [/B] [B]McOS-CTLina-Mint[/B] This is a totally re-engineered version of [URL=]McOS-CTLina[/URL] for the Mint Cinnamon desktop. Besides the standard light-version there is now also a...
macos catalina linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 58.0%
Oct 14 2019

mcOS Catalina Themes for Plank Dock

Plank Themes by fkorpsvart
for Plank Dock with the NEW macOS Catalina style
linux unix extension dock plank catalina macos gnome
Score 71.4%
Oct 14 2019

mcOS Mojave Themes for Plank Dock

Plank Themes by fkorpsvart
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Themes for Plank Dock with the macOS Mojave style. >>> Thanks to @gusreis1989 for the logo. <<< ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to...
macos plank mojave dock linux unix extension catalina
Score 65.0%
Sep 25 2019


Plank Themes by 170719
[b]maKina - V. 1.0[/b] Plank Theme Wallpaper Available at: [URL=] Plasma Geo X028[/URL] -- Check also this Plank theme: [URL=][b]Doca[/b][/URL] -- [color=#e43100][b]Three simple steps to install this or other Plank...
catalina macos mac dock linux unix extension plank
Score 50.0%
Sep 19 2019


Icon Themes by unc926
XONE II ICON THEME An icon theme for GNOME Desktop. currently supports only Gnome desktop. ▶ [b]NOTICE[/b] ◀ ❝ Do you like icons? . Dont forget to VOTE product❞ ▶[b] Feature[/b] ◀ ✔ Scalable graphic ✔ Support HD/UHD...
macosx mojave catalina sierra icon linux unix icon-theme
Score 84.0%
Sep 18 2019


GTK3 Themes by zayronXIO
[h2]Os Catalina GTK-Night[/h2] [color=#737373]New gtk theme, aimed primarily at users of xfce4
catalina macos xfce4 xubuntu linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 66.7%
Aug 18 2019


GTK3 Themes by elbullazul
The macOS GTK theme recreates the look of the latest macOS iteration. It also recreates the dark theme! Works with: - Cinnamon 3.x/4.x - Gnome 3.x - MATE 1.x - Pantheon (legacy) Includes a plank theme for non-dock environments Requires GTK 3.18 or higher
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme catalina mac os apple mojave
Score 76.7%
Jul 30 2019

mcOS Catalina Themes for Cairo Dock

Cairo-Dock Themes by fkorpsvart
Themes elaborated to have the appearance of the popular macOS Dock. I hope you enjoy them. Importing themes in Cairo Dock There are two ways to import the themes in Cairo Dock, both very easy to do. >>> First way. The first way is extracting the files from the .tar.gz package and...
linux unix extension dock cairo-dock macos cairo catalina
Score 60.0%
Jul 01 2019