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Simp1e Cursor Theme

Cursors by zoli111
cursors changed
cursor light white simple dark linux unix
8 .4
Aug 09 2020

Kanada cursors

Cursors by nesuko
[color=#aa1010]Kanada cursors[/color] Red cursor for dark environment. Based on breeze
dark red linux unix cursor
7 .1
Jun 12 2020

Volantes Cursors

Cursors by x-varlesh-x
Classic cursor with a flying style. Available light & dark version.
volantes classic cursor dark light linux unix
9 .2
Feb 09 2020

Pix cursors

Cursors by novomente
Pix cursors theme is my first cursor theme
colors dark light linux unix cursor
7 .3
Jan 24 2020

-C Series Cursros

Cursors by darkeye90
Definition : =============== Silver-c is a cursor's theme inspired by Faenza-Darkest status
linux unix cursor silver dark hack light
7 .1
Sep 25 2019


Cursors by enberash
TL;DR - dark version of PixelFun3 cursor theme. /* Also, I'm not good at presenting things
pixelfun3 cursor dark pixelfun small linux unix
5 .0
Apr 24 2018


Cursors by obnosim
Ardoise is a simple, dark and flat theme. All cursors have the same shape, only the symbol changes
cursor linux unix dark simple transparent shadow
7 .1
Jul 20 2016