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Big Sur Gnome Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by fkorpsvart
[h1]Big Sur Gnome Shell[/h1] [h3]This is a mod inspired by the excellent [url=https
macos bigsur gnome shell linux unix theme gnome-shell
6 .7
2 hours ago

MGT theme

GTK3 Themes by gusaroo
A modern and flat theme based on Materia Works with Gtk2, Gtk3
xfce gtk3 gnome linux unix theme
7 .3
10 hours ago

Ant Themes

GTK3 Themes by eliverlara
the theme in Gnome, run the following commands in Terminal (i.e Ant theme). [code] gsettings set
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
8 .8
5 hours ago


GTK3 Themes by g-nome
[/i][/b] as root. [b]Gnome Shell Themes[/b] For Gnome Desktop Environment user can download [b]Gnome Shell
gtk3 themes gtk2 gnome blue linux unix theme
8 .3
9 hours ago


GTK3 Themes by tsbarnes
A stylish pastel theme for GTK+ based environments, including GNOME, XFCE, and Cinnamon
pastel linux unix theme gnome gtk3
5 .8
8 hours ago

All Big Sur Wallpapers

Wallpapers Gnome by fkorpsvart
[h1]All Big Sur Wallpapers[/h1] [h2]Recently in Big Sur Beta 10 new wallpapers have been added, so, here they are !![/h2]
macos bigsur gnome kde mate wallpaper artwork
5 .0
1 day ago

Rounded Rectangle Dark Transparent Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by cp3o
/ [/B] [B] from the Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme [/B] [URL=]https
dark shell theme linux unix gnome gnome-shell
7 .0
6 hours ago

Gnome Desktop

Wallpapers Gnome by antechdesigns
16:9 wallpaper Suitable for [B]4K 1440P 1080P[/B] Original Content Only available on Opendesktop.
gnome wallpaper artwork
5 .0
2 days ago

ChromeOS GTK Theme

GTK3 Themes by vinceliuice
ChromeOS style gtk theme for Gnome desktop -------------------------- Based on: [b]nana
linux unix theme gnome gtk3
8 .6
20 hours ago

Marwaita CMY

GTK3 Themes by darkomarko42
This is the marwaita theme but have a color variant (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) 0.3 new design
cyan magenta yellow budgie marwaita linux unix theme gnome gtk3
5 .8
7 hours ago