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Gnome Shell Themes by g-nome
[b]Themes[/b] Gnome Shell themes Base on : [url=]Arc-Theme[/url] Have been test on : Debian 10 (Buster). [b]Install themes [/b] - Extract Archive File On Directory [i]/usr/share/themes (as root)[/i] - Or Extract Archive File On Directory...
gnomeshell gnome themes linux unix theme gnome-shell
Score 75.6%
Jul 31 2019

Mezzanotte Theme

GTK3 Themes by solsticeman
Mezzanotte, which is Italian for "midnight", began as an XFCE theme. Now updated, use as a Gnome-shell theme (Plank theme included) or in a Cinnamon desktop environment (GTK3.2 and metacity-1 included), or with any OS that uses GTK3.2, GTK3.0, and/or GTK 2.0. Colored Gnome shell icons...
gnomeshell midnight cinnamon ubuntu xfce linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 63.3%
Mar 28 2019

Pacific-Blue Theme

GTK3 Themes by solsticeman
Since Pacific-Blue is the most popular XFCE theme in XFCE Box Set Vol II (, it's now available for Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and other GTK operating systems. Cinnamon, Xfwm4, and Gnome shell included. Matching Colored Gnome and Papirus icons...
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 dark-theme gnomeshell mint ubuntu cinnamon
Score 67.1%
Mar 20 2019