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Megano Grub Manjaro

GRUB Themes by Jamesjon
Megano Grub es un tema de alta calidad, con diseƱo elegante y atractivo para Grub.
megano manjaro linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
Score 50.0%
Oct 13 2019

Materia Manjaro GTK

GTK3 Themes by freefreeno
GTK themes to match the Materia Manjaro KDE Plasma color schemes. Three themes for three color
kde linux unix theme gnome gtk3 gtk2 materia plasma manjaro
Score 79.0%
Oct 06 2019

Materia Manjaro

Icon Themes by freefreeno
[color=#00C8B5]Icons for the Materia Manjaro theme and whatever else you want to use them
linux unix icon-theme kde manjaro plasma materia kdeplasma
Score 75.0%
Oct 06 2019

Black Maia

Gnome Shell Themes by bolimage
Dark Gnome Shell theme.
gnome-shell linux unix gnome theme black archlinux manjaro
Score 72.2%
Sep 01 2019

Manjaro Still

Plymouth Themes by wakellor957
A Plymouth theme for Manjaro. I used barskern's plymouth-theme-simple-image theme, then changed
plymouth image bootsplash manjaro linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
Score 50.0%
Jul 12 2019

Trix Cursor

Cursors by darkeye90
Definition: =========== Trix cursor is a collection of cursor themes in glowing colors with dark grey. It looks good in both dark and light themes. Size: ===== only 32x32 Colors: ======= Orange Blue Crimson Green Pink Purple Rainbow Red Teal Yellow Wine...
ubuntu linux debian manjaro gentoo unix cursor
Score 70.0%
Apr 16 2019

Mintjaro In Color

Icon Themes by isylumn
A colored version of the gray Mintjaro for Linux Mint icon theme. A Linux Mint / Manjaro
linux unix icon-theme mint manjaro
Score 50.0%
Mar 09 2019


Icon Themes by isylumn
A Linux Mint / Manjaro inspired icon scheme. How to Install Linux Mint Icons 1. Copy
linux mint manjaro unix icon-theme
Score 50.0%
Mar 09 2019

Blue Manjaro icon pack

Icon Themes by Pedromaslinux
Blue Manjaro is a clear & clean modification from Breath theme with several icons from Mate icon
linux unix icon-theme manjaro icons blue
Score 63.3%
May 09 2018


GTK3 Themes by paulxfce
with the Manjaro-Gnome-Edition. Nautilus and Tweak-tool have a new and modern look. And theming is persistent
telinkrin arrongin manjaro linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 81.9%
Apr 29 2018