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Materialgnome 0.1

Gnome Screenshots by moiozx
My desktop. downloads link coming soon
linux unix screenshot gnome 1024x768 800x600
5 .8
Sep 30 2017


Gnome Screenshots by oxygene8
just for testing
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Nov 16 2016

CyberCat Screen

Gnome Screenshots by wilbura09
I just switched to linux and wanted to share my sweet new desktop with the awesome CyberCat background. I included a link on were to get it. It was uploaded by 4LV4R0S4MUD10.
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
May 24 2016

Prevail Theme

Gnome Screenshots by purehavuk
A work-in-progress of my theme I am working on for an unspecified company. It started off as a modified theme of Paper, but is progressing into a whole different beast.
linux unix screenshot gnome
4 .6
Dec 08 2015

Honey and clover

Gnome Screenshots by chantrongchien
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Jun 18 2015


Gnome Screenshots by twodogs
:// Larger screenshot:
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Jun 08 2015

My Ubuntu Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by mucas
Gtk theme: Ubuntu Touch (Unity) by Brahimsalem modded by me with blue color. Icon theme: Numix Circle by Numix Project ( Wallpaper:
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Feb 20 2015


Gnome Screenshots by DragonXP
My latest Ubuntu screenshot. Hope you'll like.
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .8
Jan 13 2015

Alienware Invader

Gnome Screenshots by tuxkernel
OS: GNU/Linux Distro: Debian 7.6 (Wheezy) Kernel: 3.2.0-4-686-pae Desktop: MATE 1.8.1 GTK Theme: Alienware-Invader GTK Icon Theme: Alienware-Invader Wallpaper: Alienware Invader X11 Mouse Theme: Powder Conky: Conky Tech-Mon Reloaded Video Player: VLC 2.0.6 Twoflower Skin:...
linux unix screenshot gnome
4 .6
Jul 20 2014


Gnome Screenshots by wmassis
My simples but elegant desktop... Screenlets with picframes (icons .png)
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .8
Apr 24 2014