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HP-UXMotif (Gtk3 and Gnome-shell)

GTK3 Themes by untouchable89
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
Score 73.1%
Sep 26 2011


GTK3 Themes by 44-metal
January 2, 2020 GTK3 theme "BMD-Numix-GTK3" BMD-Numix-GTK3 is based on Numix, Libra and Materia
linux unix theme gnome gtk3
Score 58.0%
May 21 2020
Score 58.0%
Sep 26 2011

Clearlooks Overcast - XFCE Theme - GTK3 and GTK2

GTK3 Themes by vauss
, supporting both GTK3 & GTK2. It includes a xfce-notify theme and a lightdm-gtk-greeter theme. Available
linux unix gnome theme debian gtk3
Score 82.1%
May 23 2020

1Up Gnome Shell and GTK3 collection

Gnome Shell Themes by rahul53
Includes Sea, Desert Red, and Yellowleaf color themes
gnome gtk3 linux unix theme gnome-shell
Score 58.0%
Mar 13 2020

PenOSmaster GTK3

GTK3 Themes by dusthillresident
. Updated for modern GTK3, based on 'Belle Pintos Grande'
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
Score 64.5%
Dec 20 2019

CopperDeck EX GTK3.22/24/26 Gnome Theme Pack

GTK3 Themes by aravisian
; This theme is modified in a few ways. Certain modifications had to be made to accommodate the GTK3 theme
Score 50.0%
Dec 08 2019

JGD-Black GTK3

GTK3 Themes by jasong-designs
JGD-Black GTK+3 is part of a theme collection for GTK applications and Openbox. This collection
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
Score 70.0%
Sep 15 2019

Torque XFCE / Gnome / GTK3.22/24/26 Theme plus icons

GTK3 Themes by aravisian
the header bar /titlebar, both for the XFWM4 and for the GTK Apps seem almost as a separate piece from
Score 66.7%
Dec 27 2019

JGD Spring Awakening GTK3

GTK3 Themes by jasong-designs
in this theme package are Openbox, GTK+2 and GTK+3 (versions 3.10 and 3.20+) themes. More screenshots
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
Score 69.0%
Aug 18 2019