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Falkon Python Toolbar Button

KDevelop File Templates 2 comments

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Jun 13 2019
filetemplate to create toolpbar button for Falkon webbrowser with Python API, I put it up because I created it and felt that someone else might want to play with it, I used it and it was useful - Nov 18 2019
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Falkon Extensions 4 comments

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Jun 26 2019
This does not seems to be related to this plugin.

It works fine for me on Arch with version from repository and also from git.

Can you check if other python extensions can work ?

If it is truly only this one, I do not see in your error message any relation to my code.

shiboken ... shiboken2 ? - Sep 08 2019
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Kvantum 31 comments

by Luwx
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Dec 15 2018
Nice one - Jun 24 2019
Convert WAV audio to MP3

Dolphin Service Menus 2 comments

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Dec 22 2017
Open Dolphin.
Go to: Menu > Settings > Configure Dolphin... > Services > Download New Services...

New window will show, in seach box paste the name of this product and it should appear in the list.
Than just press install. - Jun 23 2019
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Falkon Extensions 4 comments

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Apr 20 2019
Falkon API has no documentaion which I know of.
The bst way for now is to use source code and examples.

I believe most of the Falkon API is included in QML implementation so you need to browse through source code when you are doing something. - Jun 07 2019
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Falkon Extensions 14 comments

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Jul 19 2019
> I have falkon-git installed

So you have build it yourself from unknown source.
Use the package from Arch repository and it should work.

Are you using PKGBUILD from AUR ?

You have to remove this line from PKGBUILDs prepare() function

sed -i 's/set(ENABLE_PYTHON_PLUGINS TRUE)//' CMakeLists.txt - May 27 2019
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by Luwx

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Jun 24 2019
Fluent Dark

by Luwx

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10   Jun 24 2019
Nice one