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Metacity Themes by samriggs
My experiment in tiling in metacity themes. The top, sides and bottom is tiled. A few pixmaps added in the gtk for the top panel and menus. The only issue is I added to many tiled images that when it is a very small window some of the tiled images will not fit but it causes no issues. A...
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Jul 25 2010


Metacity Themes by balduin
A Metacity theme based on "Clearbox 1.0" by Hugo Olabera ( This theme was made with simplicity in mind. It aims to be unobstrusive and to resemble the style of Apple's current interface with a slightly sunken text. It is very...
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Aug 01 2009

Vista Black Basic

Metacity Themes by hishamosr
Vista Black Basic is a awesome black Vista Metacity theme, which is built on Vista Basic. All what I did was to change some colors and edit images used in GIMP, but in the end the result was great! It is my first time to post a theme, and it is the first release of Vista Black Basic,...
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Apr 15 2009

Zune - Metacity and XFWM4

Metacity Themes by Cuvou
This is the Windows XP "Zune Theme" for Metacity. As far as I've found, I'm the first one to port this theme over to Metacity (or, to any Linux window manager theme period, for that matter). When you maximize a window, the titlebar loses its round edges and borders ("a must for any Metacity...
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Oct 12 2007

Gilouche Express

Metacity Themes by liviopl
Mix of Gilouche and Compiz Express
linux unix
Dec 22 2006


Metacity Themes by anauman
The idea behind the theme is to make fit of window buttons to Clearlooks GTK theme. IMHO, Clearlooks/Clearlooks2 metacity theme's buttons look alien to Clearlooks GTK theme. Clearlooks buttons look flat. Clearlooks2 is over-shiny, not matching to GTK theme. So that's why this theme...
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Feb 12 2006