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Nestort Buuf-like

Various Gnome Stuff by nestort
This is an icon theme for Cairo Dock weather applet. Awesome original art by mattahan ( Arranged and modified by Nestort License: free for non commercial use (please contact mattahan for any other use) Version 1.0, 2010-10-12 Install...
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Oct 12 2012

Ecliipse 4.2 GTK Themes

Various Gnome Stuff by amitg
I have just contributed my themes to one of the great theme contribution plugin from jeeeyul ( Please install the plugins and choose from `GTK Adwaita` and `GTK Zukito`. Enjoy!
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Jul 22 2012

Mods for nautilus 3.4.2 for Ubuntu 12.04

Various Gnome Stuff by caezsar
I'm sure that not many of you know about this extension of nautilus file manager in ubuntu 12.04! Download deb from and install to your system! Then go to nautilus>edit>preferences>toolbar and check all butons in options! Enjoy! This is not my work ..jut want to make'it...
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Jul 20 2012

Cairo dock for the damned

Various Gnome Stuff by paudelanup
A Theme for Cairo Dock, Inspired by Ubuntu Satanic Edition A Modification of Traditional Japan Theme
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Jun 12 2012

LGD-N12-R - A fluxbox Style

Various Gnome Stuff by rvc-2011
A Flux box style. more details on the vedgoo page => kindly follow the link. thank you for preview.
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Jun 12 2012

Elementary Style

Various Gnome Stuff by rvc-2011
this is a blackbox style created to match the elegant elementary look n feel. please follow this link to get a detailed view and download the style. thank you for visiting this page for a preview / download.
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May 22 2012

Slave-FBS, Fluxbox Style

Various Gnome Stuff by rvc-2011
follow the download link if you wish to install and run this style. the preview shows the screenshot of the style in sync with slave-gtk theme. complete description of contents are mentioned there ! thank you for visiting this page for a preview / download.
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May 22 2012

visor pdf nativo para google chromium

Various Gnome Stuff by wish21
Utilizar el visor de pdf de google-chrome en google chromium, de manera facil y rapida
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May 08 2012


Various Gnome Stuff by terminhell
Found a wallpaper with a similar message and it struck such a nerve that I couldn't resist but to get this forever etched within my flesh lol.
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Mar 18 2012


Various Gnome Stuff by someonefromouttaspace
I really miss the ability to hide unwanted entries in the applications overview. In gnome 3.0 it was possible to hide those entries via going into the fallback mode and use the edit-menues application but this no longer works since gnome 3.2 hence I created this mockup to illustrate how...
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Jan 11 2012