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Vertex theme integration for Seamonkey

Various Gnome Stuff by sr1234
Vertex for Seamonkey 2.30
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Dec 25 2014


Various Gnome Stuff by litrzlo
Background picture size --1000x20px
linux unix gnome extension
Dec 03 2014

png gradient to gtk3 css converter

Various Gnome Stuff by blue-dxca93
Hi, the scripts converts small bitmaps to gtk3 css gradient definitions - direction at the moment only from bottom to top. Please downsize the icon before to 10 px heigth and remove border. USAGE: bash png2css yourimage.png> yourimage; bash yourimage > yourimage.css; rm yourimage; rm...
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Nov 06 2014

JProxy Switcher

Various Gnome Stuff by littlebishop
Switch global proxy settings for Gnome Desktop 3.x (previous versions not tested) Requirement: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8+ Instructions: 1. Rename downloaded file to "JProxySwitcher.jar" and execute "java -jar JProxySwitcher.jar" to launch the application. 2. Create proxy...
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Oct 10 2014

Yosemite like window buttons for Unity

Various Gnome Stuff by LoneWalker
Mac OS 10.10 like close, minimize and maximize buttons for Ubuntu 14.04 Author: Aditya Samanta License: No limitations, no warranty, no nothing! How to use: Assuming themes are installed in your home directory (~/.themes) Copy all icons of a desired size (Recommended size: 18x18) Go...
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Aug 21 2014


Various Gnome Stuff by salvoeur
this application is useful for colorizing a preexisting theme, the files of the theme that will be colorized are indicated by the "theme-name".tcconf files, the application is provided with the tcconf files for the [b]Ambiance[/b] and [b]Radiance[/b] themes, and the tcconf for [b]Humanity[/b]...
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Aug 17 2014

Slim themes

Various Gnome Stuff by solareclipse
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Aug 01 2014

Ambiance Ubuntu Logo Splash Screen

Various Gnome Stuff by on3xyzZ
Ambiance Ubuntu Logo Plymouth Screen 1) Download file to the desktop 2) Open terminal Ctrl+Alt+T 4) cd Desktop 5) tar -zxvf ambiance-ubuntu-logo.tar.gz 6) sudo mv ambiance-ubuntu-logo /lib/plymouth/themes 7) sudo update-alternatives --install...
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May 02 2014

Ubuntu Server Manager

Various Gnome Stuff by caezsar
New version for Ubuntu 14.04!!! Designed for localhost !Still you can use'it on remote hosts with ssh x forward! Ubuntu Server is a GUI ,created with Quickly Glade, to manage your servers that are installed (apache2,myqsl,proftpd,samba,monitorix,ssh,nagios,webmin) and see the server log...
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Apr 28 2014

The Ultimate List of Radio Stations

Various Gnome Stuff by inameiname
I've always had a difficult time finding a bunch of various Internet stations, and whenever I do, I always had to manually install each and every one of them. Well, after a long while of doing just that, and accumulating quite a few, I decided to share. There are nearly 4800 stations...
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Apr 09 2014