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Sep 05 2017
I love the Faenza icon set so much that I use it in rEFInd, my bootloader on my MacBook Pro. There are currently logos for Windows, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, etc., but there are unfortunately no dedicated Linux logo (ie: a Faenza "Tux" icon) or an OSX logo, or an elementary OS logo (see Can you please provide some more awesome icons? :) - Dec 07 2012
Yeah, there is one, but not a tray icon in monochrome. Still just the regular KeePassX icon down there. - Sep 03 2010
Thank you so much for the AMAZING icon set. No other set has felt so right and so awesome. So thanks!

I had a couple requests for tray icons. Is there a way you could create tray icons for KeePassX, KSplice Uptrack Manager, and Caffiene?

Check out my desktop as a way of me saying thanks to you :) - Sep 01 2010
+1 for KeePassX, Unison, and Flash Player. - Aug 16 2010
It would be awesome to have an icon for Flash Player, for those of us who actually use the standalone player locally :)

Here is Adobe's icon for it:

Thank you so much for all of the amazing work. This is the first icon set that I have actually found for Linux which really rocks. \m/ - Aug 12 2010
Nevermind, I am a moron. - Aug 12 2010
Chrome icon? Great work, mate. - Aug 11 2010
Victory Gtk Theme

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Dec 10 2017
+1 for the Andrew W.K. reference. - Jun 02 2010