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Ant Themes

GTK3 Themes by eliverlara
[/url] [B]Note [/B]: The slim.tar.xz file contains both styles of the slim version (OSX and NO-OSX
8 .8
Nov 21 2020


GTK3 Themes by paulxfce
[b]Open images in new tab and enlarge for full view![/b] [b]CAMEO-OSX[/b] This is the Cameo
osx macosx cameo linux unix theme gnome gtk3
8 .0
Jun 18 2020

Marwaita OSX

GTK3 Themes by darkomarko42
GTK 3.22 theme for budgie Desktop marwaita theme ( ) but is Macos style 3.0 updated to latest Marwaita fixes and design
7 .6
May 10 2020


GTK3 Themes by dmnerd
Adwaita with OSX window controls with full support for dark Adwaita theme For people who just
adwaita dark osx controls linux unix theme gnome gtk3
7 .0
Mar 03 2019


GTK3 Themes by marinos-m
Deepin dark theme variation with osx windows buttons #0.2 fixed settings app for gnome 3.32
6 .9
Apr 20 2019


GTK3 Themes by marinos-m
The default GTK theme for deepin with modified colors and window buttons. gtk theme only. Shell theme I used in screenshots: --------------------------- added the wallpaper #1.03 fixed settings app for gnome 3.32 #1.02 -changed...
7 .0
Apr 20 2019


GTK3 Themes by umayanga
I think this theme is compatible with every version of GNOME It imports styles directly from Adwaita theme and only thing that I did is changing the window-control buttons (Close, minimize, maximize buttons)
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme macos adwaita osx macosx apple
5 .9
Jan 25 2018

OSX Mint Dark

GTK3 Themes by lucascimino6
This is a theme created especially for linux mint 17. I hope you like it
5 .3
Feb 14 2017


GTK3 Themes by pch76
FakeOSX gtk3 gtk2 metacity background gnome-shell and unity themes. unpack to /usr/share
6 .1
Mar 05 2012

Apple Arc OSX Theme

GTK3 Themes by umayanga
----- GNOME 3.20 COMPATIBLE ----- * Mac OSX "show apps" dash icon * OSX top Panel * OSX-Arc
macos macosx osx apple yosemite gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
6 .5
Jul 30 2017